When asked for your OpenID, just type in https://id.ay.vc/anythingyoulike. Provide your password twice and your OpenID is set. You can now use https://id.ay.vc/anythingyoulike for anything you like. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change your password at the moment.

Just try it yourself! For example, sign up at stackexchange.

AYD is an OPENID service run by aykit.

We at aykit hate data retention and love open-source. AYD is keeping data storage to a minimum:

We save your OpenID,
Password hash
the SHA-1 hash of your password with salt,
Creation date
the date of your OpenID's creation and
Associations und nonces
other data necessary for OpenID to work. In a nutshell, associations und nonces need to be saved in order for OpenID to work correctly. Read the technical reference for more information.
Piwik visit tracking - anonymised visits
Knowing the amount of people visiting our service is always good for morale. However, we do our best to track as little as possible: If you allow tracking, we save your IP with the last digits anonymised (192.168.0.xxx). If not, we respect your Browser's Do-Not-Track setting. If you still don't trust us, we recommend using Ghostery or similar software.